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 “It was awesome to see so many lives and hearts changed…..including mine. "
Makyla - Student

“Tom’s speaking was so inspiring and challenging.  We explored concepts of the bible I had overlooked and we dug deeper into the world of being a real Christian. I poured my heart out to God and handed the keys to my heart and soul over to Him. From now on, I am going to let Him lead me and guide me." 

Lizzy - Student

“Thanks for speaking about your father and forgiveness – and for taking the time to talk with me afterwards.  After our conversation, I had the courage to talk with my dad about a lot of stuff.  Our relationship is so much better now, so thank you!”
Alan - Student

“I loved your message last night! God changed a lot of lives through you.”
Lisa - Student

“Tonight I presented the broken pieces of my life to God and allowed Him to put me back together. It’s so good to know that I can be whole.”
Isaac – Student

“I just wanted to thank you for everything...I have always seen myself as a “crip”, but you made me realize that through God, I can be SO much more. After years of wrestling, I was finally able to give my life to Jesus.  I pray that you will keep spreading the good news and that you would inspire kids like I was, with no hope and think that there is no other way out.” 
Sadie – Student

“Tom’s messages helped change my life this week when I was at camp. I loved hearing his life story and the other stories out of scripture that he shared with me and the other students! He made me look at my life differently and I found out that God has a life-long plan for everyone even though we may have some bumps down the road.”
Savannah - Student

“I made a decision to be 100% conscious of the fact that I need to live moment by moment with the Holy Spirit leading me through my life.” 
Pete – College Student

“The first time I heard Tom speak was at an event when I was in 7th grade. I am now a senior and have been walking with Jesus ever since!”
Emily - Student 

“Thank you for the amazing message.  God was definitely in it for my own healing.”
Lois - Adult 

"I am 52 years old and I just got off the phone with my 72-year old father. I told him that I forgave him for everything he did to me as a little girl and asked if we could start our relationship over.  He said, yes. I cannot stop crying.  A tremendous weight has been lifted off of me."
Susan – adult

 “I have been looking for something for so long and I have finally found it! Thank you!”
Dustin - adult

“Tom...once again I wanted to say THANKS for allowing God to use you here in our little town! Last night at youth group, my students were organizing a Friday lunchtime Bible study. First time in 15 years of ministry that my students have done that with no prompting from me. They are excited about Jesus!”
Jon - Youth Pastor 

“I brought 2 kids who were pretty crazy (to be nice about it)... and God used something you said to radically open their eyes. It has been an amazing few months with them. They still have some rough edges but I'm starting to see things that I firmly believe are signs of heart change. One asked me if he could get baptized soon... and another is planning on joining us on our mission trip in June. It has been super exciting to watch. Thanks for being the messenger that weekend and letting the Holy Spirit use you.” 
Matthew- Youth Pastor 

“With a passion for Christ, sharing the gospel, a powerful testimony and a gift of creative storytelling, Tom Henderson and Restoration Generation brings a life-changing message to a wandering generation. I fully endorse bringing Tom to your community - it will be a relationship that will last far beyond any initial speaking event." 
Brad Schelling - Director of Expansion, First Priority of America 

“If you’re looking for fluff or “just a good talk”, don't book Tom – but if you are looking to aid your listeners towards discipleship and what changed lives look like, then Tom’s your guy.”
Bob Lenz – Founder and Evangelist, Life Promotions/Lifest

“I've had the blessing to share the stage with Tom for the duration of a tour throughout the midwest and I was consistently impressed with his heart and desire to communicate the Gospel with everyone around him. Not only was he focused on the audience each night but he was also extremely in tune with spiritual matters off-stage as well. Those two things put together make him a highly effective minister no matter where he goes.”

Jason Roy – Lead Singer for Building 429: