Podcasts RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.52 Matt Jensen RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.52 Matt Jensen

Ep.52 Show Notes

Matt Jensen is a husband, father and follower of Jesus who recently made the difficult decision to leave a company that he helped grow to be one of THE premier vision care centers in the country.

In this episode of The RESGEN Giving Life Podcast, Matt and Tom discuss our need for rest - for unplugging from the daily grind so we can better care for ourselves and our loved ones. Throughout this episode you’ll hear Matt share about the feelings of anxiety and burnout he was experiencing that led his company to offer him a sabbatical so he could focus on his mental health. Matt talks about how he used that gift of time and what the Lord said his life needed to look like after it was over. They also visit about how Matt’s faith, and the faith of His family, has been crucial through each of the challenges they have faced over the last several years.

The Giving Life Podcast: Conversations about being a man whose life in Christ gives life to others.

Watch the video version on youtube - youtu.be/KDdY7oNEz0k