Podcasts RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.43 Jerry Olszewski RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.43 Jerry Olszewski

Ep.43 Show Notes

Tom’s guest for the Season Two Finale is a friend who is entering his 10th year of being the head football coach at Augusatana University. Jerry Olszewski is a husband, a father, a devoted a follower of Christ and has been coaching young men in both football, and in life, for over 25 years.

In this episode of The RESGEN Giving Life Podcast, Tom and Coach O discuss his personal faith journey and how his faith both aligns with, and influences, his coaching philosophy. They also discuss some of the biggest struggles and challenges he is seeing in his players’ lives today and specific ways he is encouraging them to not just be better football players, but be better men.

 The Giving Life Podcast: Conversations about being a man whose life in Christ gives life to others.

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