Podcasts RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.41 Bernie & Nathan Schock RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.41 Bernie & Nathan Schock

Ep.41 Show Notes

Bernie Schock is a husband, father, grandfather and author who has been teaching the Bible for over 40 years. His son Nathan, is a husband, father and speaker who is the co-founder and president of FiveFour – a company that helps businesses grow, by growing their people .

On this episode of The RESGEN Giving Life Podcast, Tom, Bernie and Nathan discuss a range of topics including how Bernie has responded and dealt with his battle with Parkinson’s Disease and what it has been like for Nathan to see his dad’s health go downhill. They also talk about scriptural promises we can cling to during challenging times, principles for parenting that can help shape the beliefs and values in our kids, and what it means to “finish well” in this life.  

 The Giving Life Podcast: Conversations about being a man whose life in Christ gives life to others.

Watch the video version on youtube -  youtu.be/ssZx3Dg3rqE

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Website:         nathanschock.com
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LinkedIn:        linkedin.com/in/nschock/
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Email:          baschock@hotmail.com