Podcasts RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.37 Sam Acho RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.37 Sam Acho

Ep.37 Show Notes

Sam Acho is a 9-year NFL veteran and current ESPN sports analyst. He is also an author, a two-time Walter Payton man of the year nominee, and the founder and president of Athletes for Justice. Most importantly, he is a husband, a father, and a devoted follower of Christ.

On this episode of the RESGEN Giving Life Podcast, RESGEN Founder Tom Henderson and Sam talk about a lot of great stuff including the importance of “putting the bat away” and being kind to yourself, how every one of us is worth getting to know, and why playing for affirmation from the Lord and not from man was the best lesson he learned during his time in the NFL.
*This conversation takes place in front of a live audience at RESGEN Men’s Summit 2022.

The Giving Life Podcast: Conversations about being a man whose life in Christ gives life to others.

Watch the video version on youtube -  youtu.be/apR0bSVHSoA