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Ep.30 Show Notes

Coach Bob Young is a husband, father, grandfather, mentor for countless men, and the former head coach of the University of Sioux Falls Cougar football team – a team that he led to 6 undefeated seasons, 13 conference championships, and 1 national championship.

On this episode of The Giving Life Podcast, Tom and Bob talk about his passion for helping the young men he coached throughout his 22 years at USF, get wins both on and off the football field, how his faith in Christ helped him as he grieved the loss of his wife of over 50 years and how he is using his current health situation as a platform to minister to others.

The Giving Life Podcast: Conversations about being a man whose life in Christ gives life to others.

Watch the video version on youtube - youtu.be/gGXvc2EyCGQ