Podcasts RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.23 Jason Wilson RESGEN Giving Life Podcast: Ep.23 Jason Wilson

Ep.23 Show Notes

Jason Wilson is a husband, a father, an author and the founder and CEO of the Yunion, a non-profit youth development organization in Detroit Michigan. As an expert in Emotional Stability Training®, he teaches males how to introspectively confront and conquer their negative emotions with composure. On this episode of RESGEN’s Giving Life Podcast, Jason and Tom discuss how we can both deal and heal with the hurt and pain in our lives, how we can learn to embrace our emotions as men and not run from them, why learning to love ourselves and Christ greatly impacts our ability to love others and so much more.

 *The conversation takes place in front of a live audience at RESGEN Men’s Summit 2020.

The Giving Life Podcast: Conversations about being a man whose life in Christ gives life to others.

Watch the video version on youtube - youtu.be/EJ89y8-jDZ8