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What. a. Day!

Thank you for joining us, either in person, at a simulcast site, or online, for RESGEN Men's Summit 2023. It was an amazing day of encouragement, laughter, challenge and impact! Check out the recap video below for a great visual reminder of out time together.

Also, as mentioned, you can rewatch the majority of the sessions at - To access the content, enter the email used to purchase your ticket. If someone bought your ticket for you, you will need to use their email. It will all be accessible throughout the first few weeks of March. Enjoy!


Saturday, February 4, 2023 was an unbelievable day full of impact for men!  Over 1100 men gathered in Sioux Falls and over 1250 more joined us at simulcast sites, in homes and online, for 5 hours of encouragement, laughter and challenge.

Check out this 2.5 minute recap video of the day!